About Marina

Marina is an energetic and passionate business owner and traveller who wants to live her life to the fullest. Her passion is travelling and her mission is to help people to take the next step in their life. Her credo is ‘Changing The World By Small Gestures’.

Born into a loving and caring family and born in the Netherlands, life offered a lot of privileges. After traveling the world it was obvious that not every woman is that blessed. Nor is every child. Knowing she was born under privileged circumstances she decided to make the best out of life and give back as best as she can.

Marina graduated with honours, then completed an MBA, and an extensive career in change management followed. Working in a number of commercial companies as well as public health care organisations, she became specialised in business integrations, doing so in the last 8 years as a consultant in management roles.
Marina holds two Awards, one as “Manager of the Year’ in 2005, given by the sector of health industry and the other one in 2014 as ‘Best Business Partner’ in the UK by making new innovative real estate concepts for the Dutch market.

Marina is author of the book ‘Integrations in health care – better care for less costs’ (2010) and co-author of ‘The Power of Giving’ (2015) and ‘The Magic of Thinking’ (2016).

As properties were a hobby, she noticed a huge problem in the Dutch property market, where 1.2 million houses have negative equity and many homeowners are subsequently in financial difficulty . She started training in USA and UK to be able to help those people. Together with her two UK trainers she founded a new style property business in 2013 in the Netherlands, which is growing since. She was broadcasted by RTL+ who recognized the company for being ‘innovative and helping people who aren’t able to find solutions in the regular market.’

As she also noticed banks were not very helpful in financing any more, she is now building a bond with her partners Vincent Wong and John Lee to raise money to help more people to buy themselves a home and – in return – give a good rate of return to the investors who lend money to the bond. A win-win for all involved (and therefor the company name for Woning Investeerders Netwerk is WIN in short).

Playing sports has always been an important part of her life. In her younger years, she competed in judo, and more recently she has started working (hard) with a personal trainer to push her limits. Body and mind work together so they should both be in great shape. Marina’s life is a continual quest of personal and spiritual development, having completed walking Santiago, years of coaching (from the best world leaders Pa Joof and Harry Singha), mentoring (the one and only Vincent Wong); and Enlightened Warrior Camp, Quantum Leap… etc etc. The ultimate goal is to be as authentic as you can be and live from the heart. Being at a certain ‘wise’ age, having so much experience and after hearing the question many times ‘You live such an awesome life. Can you teach me how to live my dream life?’ she started The Next Step Mentoring in 2016.