“It makes my heart sing when people grow..”

I love people who dare to look inside and want to grow. Khadja mirrored me as much as I mirrored her… she took her business to a higher level by deciding to write her personal story, where lots of people will benefit from.

Calvin was young and ‘different’ and I love that about him as he chooses to live his own life and not the one others expect him to live.

What I like about Laila is that she always want to improve her life to be a better version of herself:


I am Laila.

I met Marina years ago when we start studying. I know her as a loving and caring person with a great eye for the needs of others. Always trying for the best for everyone in a professional way. Even though she had a high standard from a young age she advanced herself even further.

This year my contact with Marina was about coaching and mentoring. I interviewed her as I wanted her to as an example for myself to become a little bit more to her standard. During the interviews she was able to mentor me in my thinking. With a few simple questions she just pinpointed my doubts about where to go for and where to stand for. I made these few questions my homework and so I progressed in my process.

Her open mind is wonderful and it gave me the immediate feeling of someone who really wants to help me just by ‘showing’ myself in a mirror and asking the right questions to get back on track.

Most of the times you’re stuck in patterns and you lose sight of a fresh view. This is really de strength of Marina. Even though it stays your own process with your own decisions it helped me a lot and made me succeed in a study called Master Practitioner NLP/Communications for being a coach and later find myself a job as a teacher, which I really love.

Maybe I can become a mentor like her.

Thank you Marina!

With love, Laila

Eefje, “Marina will exactly tell you what you need to hear to improve, whether you like it or not… but she does it with love and honesty..”