Live Life To The Fullest

Live life to the fullest and life-time learning are my credo’s. I strongly believe we are human beings (not human doings) with a broad spectrum of talents and capabilities.

I want to share my knowledge cause we are raised with limiting beliefs and are sometimes giving up on our dreams. We deserve to have great jobs, nice family and friends and a great life in general.

It means that we should not only work with our left brain, but also (more and more) with our right brain and make the connection with everything Universe (or whatever is ‘out there’) has to offer.

The last couple of years I spent a lot of time on the spiritual side of life, beings in Ashrams, walking Santiago de Compostella, doing a 10 days Vipassana-retreat, Quantum Hypnoses and so on… and I learned that the answered are all inside (or if you want in the quantum field) and.. that we can only hear them if we take the time to listen.

The question is what we need to listen and have the time and patience to do the inner work.

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